sink. (good news and bad news)

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sink. (good news and bad news)

err... hello!

at last i have the sink in my ship! (hurra!!!)
but... what we have from here?
there is a good news - we can change our face (oh yeah its cool)
bad news - we cannot drink (and this is uncool!)

i want to drink, i'm parched.
i buy on OKLG All the drinks - water and vodka, and empty coffe machine (too) but coffe not good drink (and vodka too).
and what i have to do??? fridges on the broken ships have (as maxinum) - only food (oh, thanks, many thanks, really) and trash (which in the past been glass cans of water and vodka, i assume, right?)

dev, pls, do drinkable sinks. please,

Hmm! I haven't seen this comment made before, and it's a rather good point!

I'll pass this on and we'll take a look into how this could be implemented into the game, taking into consideration other resources.

I'll try and post here again if it's updated in a newer patch, thank you for taking the time to leave us this suggestion! (very cool of you)


Good suggestion, ramvivat!

I'm not sure yet how I plan to solve that issue, but I agree we need more hydration options!

Dan Fedor - Founder, Blue Bottle Games