Sick Yesterday, Catch-Up Today

Hey Folks! Sorry for the lapse in news yesterday. It was my turn for the family gastroenteritis, which pretty much left me bed-ridden for the entire day. Stomach's still feeling a bit delicate today, but miles ahead of yesterday, thankfully! Must've accidentally eaten some raw squirrel meat...

Anyway, super catch-up today as I had to cover everything since Friday.

Michael's latest changes are partially visible in today's screenshot. We can now uninstall walls and reinstall them anywhere we want (mostly). Floors, too! We see Raphael using the uninstall context menu action, walking over to the wall to uninstall it, and ending up with a gap in the wall, complete with line of sight updates!

And in doing so, we revealed some limitations in the way we were using right-click to do two different things: walking to a tile, and opening that tile's context menu. To keep things consistent, no matter where we click, we're going to bump the context menu to right-click and hold, so we can still walk via right click. (Left click is to select a crew/tile object.)

His update also revealed that we have some tile placement rule issues. Some walls can be uninstalled from places and the rules won't let them go back in later. This is due to some flags that are set on tiles by equipment, which the walls see as obstructions. Similarly, we cannot add floor below a doorway for the same reasons. Looks like the tile placement rules need some updating.

You can also see a new insignia over the character's top left corner. A while back, Michael noted he had trouble figuring out who was his captain, and wanted some visual indicator. So we now have this captain insignia to denote the cap.

Sabina's off and running on her next illustration. And Ashley is just about to get started on her two.

As for me, I've got the on/off/auto knobs hooked up to the air pumps, heaters, and coolers, for manual override. Reactor is probably my next task. I can't say for sure yet whether I'll tackle the whole complex UI for it right now, or just get the basics running. But I at least want enough there for the reactor to be powered-up and down via player actions, and for the derelict-spawning-code to start the ship powered-down, with batteries not draining.

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