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So far, great work on the game. I'll be the first to admit that I was a bit skeptical when I first saw it, but I've really enjoyed my time playing.

One major thing that needs to be addressed, as I've already seen a multitude of other players bring up... NPS's need to cool it a bit with rolling up and getting in your personal bubble.

Adding insult to injury, even when I'm nearing a docking sequence somewhere, my crew will literally pull me from the NAV while we are still hurling through space.

Not a good combination. On top of all of this, the NPC's get stuck in a bug where they may not saying anything or respond for multiple minutes. You can't even escape out of the conversation or save your game. I'm just waiting for one of these times to have the bug indefinitely when I haven't saved for a long while, and lose all of that progress.

I like the suggestion of the timer. Click a button to turn you on DO NOT DISTURB for a certain amount of time. I'm really hoping that some of these requests are handled and not left to the modding community.

I've been an early backer for many other games, and its great to have mod support, but when I spend hours of my life modding a game (for free) just so that it's playable, it hurts. Especially when the spend all of that time modding to have the game essentially die and no one make use of your mods.


I know this got a bit cynical, but I really am enjoying the game. I'm cautiously optimistic...


Thanks for the feedback and encouragement!

We hear ya on the incessant NPC banter, and the next milestone (0.9.0.x) addresses this issue, among other things. We're hoping to have a closed beta test for it in a week or so, and a release shortly after that.

Relief is (hopefully) in sight!

Dan Fedor - Founder, Blue Bottle Games

It's what I want too. :)