Ship Size Limit

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Ship Size Limit

I have decided to Frankenstein a few CR-43's together in to a monster of my own build. I have not played with the editor yet (it did not seem to like me). Is there a hard limit to ship size(height/width) or capacity(how many systems can be installed) I should be aware of before designing my own ship?

Hello, this is an interesting idea! There's no hard limit to ship size. It's mostly down to performance on your PC. However, current pathfinding limit is 512 tiles, so AIs give up traversing cross-ship on larger sizes without manual nudging. Which is definitely something to consider.

Let us know how it works out, we'd love to see screenshots over on the Discord or Reddit.

One thing I definitely wouldn't do is build past the airlock side of the ship.

Not sure how you would feel about symmetry and whatnot; some people would have an aneurysm if they see you building haphazardly adding different size rooms.

Always keep in mind the need for multiple hvac and life support units. The center of the ship might become an oven, icebox, vacuum or compressed air tank while the outer edges are perfectly fine.

With added mass, you will want to add more RCS thrusters. With more thrusters, more thrust control modules and extra n2 tanks.

I have been experimenting, trying to get an expanded airlock built that will allow the ship to be open to derelicts and still have access to containers. Air pumps are just sooooo slooooow. And once you get it down to a vacuum, its time to dock with KLEG and have to repressurize it. Guess the answer is to load up with containers and drop them in the derelict, fill and then haul back to my ship. I just find the current airlock system a bit annoying.

From a technical and naval architecture standpoint, there isn't any limit on the size a container ship can be. There are currently three major limitations that a shipping line has to consider when building new vessels: terminal infrastructure limits, draft restrictions and length overall.