Ship Selection Screen, Interaction Review

Hey Folks! Hope everyone had a good weekend. Some good family time for us, as we held egg hunts, saw a cool variety show, and had some yummy meals. Also, we started exercising as a family, which is a bit painful. But it should hopefully slow my atrophy, stemming from sitting at a computer each day :)

I don't know if I've found the final solution to the ship selection process, but I think I have a working plan for now. The first piece of it can be seen above in today's screenshot.

Basically, once a player finishes a career term that includes ship rewards, they'll be able to see this screen to review available ships from that term. Each line is a different ship they can start with, with some brief info on the type of ship and rough stats, as well as the ability to preview or select it.

Clicking "Preview" expands that row to show more detail about the ship. The details here are to be determined, but this is a decent example. Some more specs, description and history on the ship, and a message alerting you that the ship has docked if you want to check it out.

Here, the player can step away from the kiosk and walk over to the airlock to tour the ship. They can step on board, look over the rooms and layout, check storage and fuel capacity, probably fiddle with a few pieces of equipment. They won't be able to fly it for now, as I think that might complicate things (e.g. interrupting character creation). But it should be enough to give players a feel for each choice.

If they don't like it, they can click "Preview" on another row to check that ship out. Otherwise, clicking "Select" locks-in that ship choice, and ends career progression for the character. They'll still be able to wander the character creation room to adjust things (appearance, gender, traits), or even restart career path and hope for a different ship.

But if they're ready to go, they go though the (same?) airlock, and that triggers the beginning of the game. They appear on their ship with whatever situation makes sense. Or so the plan goes, anyway!

In other news, Michael got his latest batch of interaction revisions to me, and I think we're getting ready to move on to the next phase: adding stats and conditional logic to them. There are some fun examples in there, and at least a couple systems begging to be added.

In particular, one interaction involves dealing with a finicky piece of hardware, so this might be a good opportunity to prototype ship repairs. It'll likely be an important part of the main game loop, so I'll probably tackle this soon after ship selection and chargen are done.

Also, Emily sent her latest revisions over, so I have those to review tomorrow. Busy week ahead!

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