Ship Design ideas

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Ship Design ideas

Might be jumping the gun a little but I'm just so excited at all the possibilities and wanted to talk about ideas I've had and hear some other folks ship ideas.

One concept I thought of was a ship design that purposefully left most of the vessel depressurized to minimize weight and complexity. Have a dense command center/living space, a reactor and then have the cargo space be depressurized and possibly even outside if possible. I don't imagine a dedicated freighter would need to access their cargo very often.

Another idea I had was perhaps a vessel that utilized a narrow cross section to minimize radar detection and perhaps some sort of baffles around the plasma engine to reduce or negate the visible plume from the engine from any direction other than directly behind. Make a ship that's difficult to see until it starts to decelerate. Excellent for pirates or military.

I want to make a big PP ship.

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