Ship Construction Clean-Up

Hey Folks! Had a bit more time to do some coding today, and also caught-up with Michael on the current to-do list.

There were a couple of rendering issues that had accumulated, and they were pretty easy fixes, so I warmed-up on those. Mainly changing z-level values on certain objects to be more consistent with the rest of the items in the game. And while I was in there, I removed the now redundant sprite layer property, which only now serves to confuse newcomers to the project :)

Also, Michael was able to add new context menu UX to the game, so it now assumes a right-click means walk, and holding right-mouse opens context menu. The current delay is 0.2s for the context, and it feels really natural, and works well! It also freed him up to re-expose the floor uninstall stuff he added.

Testing the floor and wall uninstall/reinstall went pretty well. Everything seemed to work. After a bit of stress-testing, I noticed some installations required tools, others didn't. Some had sparks, some didn't. Some were nearly instant. Others took a few seconds. And some had animations, while others didn't.

With many of these interactions pre-dating certain features, like setting idle animations, sparks, and using tools, I decided to bring them all up-to-date and make them consistent. And that seems to mostly be working now, except for conduit junctions. It seems like I broke something in there during.

I also resumed work on my reactor on/off switching, and have that mostly behaving now using the new "IsOverrideOff" condition I added for pumps and other appliances. This means the reactor can be switched off manually, and it will stay off.

However, the batteries linked to it will still continue to power the ship, since they see the reactor as a conductor in the overall circuit. What I should probably do is add a battery input on the reactor, such that switching the reactor off opens the circuit, segregating batteries on the input side from the rest of the ship. And making it a bit clearer how the batteries fit into the overall circuit, since they can both power the reactor start-up sequence, and later, be recharged by the reactor in fusion mode.

Lastly, I had a good chat with Michael over Skype today, and I think we're set on our next batch of tasks. We talked a bit about how stuff works now, how we might improve the context menu, ship-wide job queues, and the PDA UI he's working on for current objectives and warnings.

It feels like we're getting pretty close to that first "repair a derelict" milestone!

Tags: Ostranauts