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Ship Combat

So a few questions and ideas for combat ship wise.
First, will combat involve weapons on each ship firing and tearing chunks out of eachother, or will only the player ship have holes and the AI just have HP and status deffects. Eg, could I FTL it and wipe out their oxygen managment and suffocate the opposing force?
Will boarding action be represented? Will it involve enemies actually coming on board? could I take over a ship by boarding it?
You said there are the weird elements of NEO, are infestations planned? Like a organism or hivemind find an unused room in your ship and infest it, then grow out from there.

Either way, you said the main pull of the game is the stuff that happens between stations, what can we expect to happen during these journeys?

Good questions! Ship-to-ship combat hasn't been added yet, so it'll depend on how things go.

What I'm picturing, however, is that each ship uses the same simulation. The other ship might not be visible, except through instruments. But if you hit it with something that punctures the hull, it will be void of atmo. If you pierce the nav station, it'll be immobile.

We'll have to see when I get there, though. What I'm able to simulate off-screen vs. abstract into simpler systems.

Ditto for docking and boarding. You can already dock with another ship in the game, and that means people can walk from one ship to another. But how this works with hostile NPCs hasn't been determined yet. Nor has person-to-person combat.

And that's sort of where I am now. Still building a lot of the foundation upon which I can build other things that depend on it. So right now, things like hunger, thirst, temperature, pressure, limited propellant, etc.

Once those are done, I can start to do more of the fun and weird stuff :)

Dan Fedor - Founder, Blue Bottle Games

I imagine any docking action after combat would be treated as an active combat sort of thing. The crew of another vessel might not have control of this ship, or any of it's systems if you hurt it bad enough, but the crew can still don EVA gear. And, assuming they think their ship is trashed anyways, they might even get out more destructive weaponry, or even try counter-boarding actions.

Rar! Rar rar rar! Thanks for reading :)