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Ship Combat

So a few questions and ideas for combat ship wise.
First, will combat involve weapons on each ship firing and tearing chunks out of eachother, or will only the player ship have holes and the AI just have HP and status deffects. Eg, could I FTL it and wipe out their oxygen managment and suffocate the opposing force?
Will boarding action be represented? Will it involve enemies actually coming on board? could I take over a ship by boarding it?
You said there are the weird elements of NEO, are infestations planned? Like a organism or hivemind find an unused room in your ship and infest it, then grow out from there.

Either way, you said the main pull of the game is the stuff that happens between stations, what can we expect to happen during these journeys?

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I haven't built ship-to-ship combat yet, so there's still some uncertainty in how that's going to work.

My expectation, however, is a bit more like a submarine simulator. Lots of detection, acquisition, countermeasures, posturing, etc. No force fields or dogfighting.

Engaging a target is likely to be at extreme ranges, due to the difficulty of hiding in space. A ship is easily detectable from millions of km away when not using a fusion thruster, and visible from across the System when using one.

That said, there may be cases where the range is shorter due to deception, crowding (near a station), or in areas with blind spots/sensor issues.

Still, though, I expect we'll be looking at waveforms and dots on a screen, and interpreting signals before we pull a trigger. And countermeasures, point defense cannons, etc. will stop most attacks before they start.

The idea of hitting a ship subsystem seems unlikely unless they are a sitting duck or at extreme close range.

I think this means we are not looking at the other ship's tiles while in combat. So probably not like FTL.

Boarding might make sense, especially since a boarding pod can outmaneuver a ship. Assuming it survives point defense systems on the approach.

And once we're on a ship, I'd like for there to be personnel fights. Whether firefights, non-lethal weapons, melee, or brawling.

But all of this depends on having the time and budget to build it, of course :)

Dan Fedor - Founder, Blue Bottle Games
For your parusal

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Also heres an idea, introduce meele, if there is any, with a bar fight. that way the player can choose whether to get involved or not and there are plenty of pawns fighting.

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If I get my way, there will be bar brawls :)

Dan Fedor - Founder, Blue Bottle Games