Screen Effects, Sounds, and Social Work

Hey Folks! Another skipped news day, and you're probably familiar with the drill. Later afternoon work/dev chats sometimes squeeze out my usual news time. So I'm trying to sneak news in earlier today :)

Michael's been really hitting the screen effects hard in the last little while, and today's screenshot shows some of his latest exploration. The left shows a draft of how severe pain might effect the main map view. We can cause the edges of the field of view to darken, details to blur, color aberration, and lensing. Also, not seen here, we can do motion blur and other temporal effects.

On the right side, he experimented with getting a CRT-like effect, with bloom, aberration, fisheye, and scanlines. A big chunk of this work was getting the canvases and cameras setup so they can accept image effects. But now that that's done, it's fairly easy to setup a wide range of effects.

The question then becomes: What are some status effects we want to display, and what image effects do we want to use for each? Similarly, which UIs and menus would benefit from this?

In other news, I've been working with Bjørn to get the first sounds into the game. I setup some code to add start, run, and stop sounds to any given object, just by setting some params on the object data. Currently, the O2 sensor is the only thing hooked-up, and it uses this terrible sound I bashed-out in Audacity. However, when the airlock opens and the alarm turns red, we get a ramp-up sound, and the alarm blares until the room fills with OS again, and the alarm ramps-down. Cool!

Chris is currently checking-in some camera changes to make it feel smoother and less jarring. It eases in and out when panning and scrolling, and the "center on captain" command now pans over to the captain instead of an instant cut-to-captain.

Finally, we're all now working in the master branch again, taking what we've learned from the drama room prototype. So far, it's largely getting the existing stuff to be more visible and noticeable. The previous effects were a lot more subtle, and the status effects on NPCs invisible. So it was hard to tell what, if anything, was happening.

We're going to see if we can boost the effects, show more status info, show more preview info before choosing an action, and make social interactions more scarce/consumable. And we've already finished a few of these steps.

However, what I'm noticing is that NPCs currently have a lot of status effects shown now, and it's a bit noisy. Plus, a lot of the social moves we can make are more self-serving. Not many of them are designed to affect another person as much as oneself.

That, and I'm not sure we have any reason to care yet if an NPC is in a bad mood. There aren't any real consequences to, say, a crew member feeling useless. Except, maybe, that they don't talk nicely to you! But that's mainly a case of not getting them to make you feel better. And we don't really care if we feel good, either. Again, no consequences.

It's food for thought. But in the meantime, things are still moving along. And fairly quickly!

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