Saving game deletes save

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Saving game deletes save

Hi, I can confirm this bug still occurs and has been impeding my progress constantly.

When I play, I keep a backup of the save file *every* time I save. During my playthrough I inevitably get to a point where I click "Save" and nothing happens (it says "saving game") at the bottom of the screen but the "Exit" button doesn't work. Further more it deletes the save file completely. However I can still play as normal (not that there is much point as I won't be able to save!)

If I restore the save from my backup and press "Save" i get the same result.

Now I've been experimenting and if I go back to an early enough save the game starts working again (only to end up breaking later). Curiously the saves that break are normally after I dock with a wreck. I'll start working on the wreck and be saving fine until the bug rears it's ugly head again.

The strange thing is, from this point *every* backed up saved from when I encountered this wreck is now broken and *none* of them will allow me to save. (one of the broken save files if that helps)