Saving and Character Freezing

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Saving and Character Freezing

Hi I have just purchased the game and have about four hours played. I've noticed that it can save on it's own when I quite the game and when I press the save button, however sometimes saving doesn't work at all. I haven't seen any particular times that this happens but hopefully something can be done. There is also a more common glitch where my character will get stuck in a walking animation in between airlocks and when walking to install a component that I have designated. I can then no longer interact with my character nor can I open the esc menu to exit the game so I've had to X out the window a few times. This sometimes leads to a lost save file. The final and less common one that I've seen is when exiting the docking screen at the starting station (not the nav screen) my character gets stuck in the seat. This can be quickly fixed and I haven't lost any saves as of yet but it's something that can be fixed non the less. I've been waiting for this game for about a year and I hope this helps the development of this game! :>

I would like to confirm another account of the save game freezing. To create the freeze. Save a game and delete it. Creating a new save file in the deleted file spot when hitting "new game" caused the freeze for me. My temporary fix is to delete the game, reset the whole game and create a new file.

Hi TheDompster and Jark!

I apologize for the early issues with game crashes and corrupt saves. Patches and should help a bit with those issues, but if they are still causing issues, let me know!

Dan Fedor - Founder, Blue Bottle Games