Save/Load Stability, Timing Mismatches, and Admin Work

Hey Folks! Bit of a slower day today, as there was a bunch of non-dev work later in the day. I did manage to fix a couple things, though. And I may finally have someone to help with development!

The save/load system revealed a bug today, as my AI sitting on the toilet was perpetually stuck after loading the save game. It appears their action timer expired a few milliseconds before the action did. Since the action timer is the only thing telling the AI to update its actions, it sit there with milliseconds remaining on its current task until the next expiring timer triggered an update.

To fix this, I added some code to make any action timer check against the action itself, instead of an internal timer. That way, they can't become decoupled. The AI can now stand up when done pooping.

In a related bug, the AI was having pathfinding issues when the game was saved in the middle of an action that teleported them. They'd be loaded with some data that always said they were out of range of their current action, even though the action had no special place required. Adding extra checks to assume range is fine solved that issue.

The non-dev work largely revolved around security audits. I was overdue in updating some accounts with new passwords, and cleaning up a few older accounts (updating 2FA settings, etc.). It was boring, invisible work, unfortunately. But at least that's done.

In better news, it appears I may have some developer help soon! Michael, who's been helping with a bunch of setting documentation and design input, is going to try his hand at some development tasks. So far, his insight seems at least as good as my own, so there's a chance this will really accelerate progress. Plus, a second set of eyes on code is usually a big benefit.

We should have the contract squared away shortly, and I can see him getting started as soon as next week!

As for me, it's time to open a cold one and officially start the weekend. Hope everyone has a good one, and see you Monday!

Tags: Ostranauts