Saturnian Moons, Load/Save Fixes, and Inventory

Hey Folks! Slower day today (visually, anyway). I did a bunch more behind-the-scenes work on some systems, plus more admin, planning, and discussion.

The behind-the-scenes stuff has a tiny bit of visual impact, which I show above: Saturn's moons!

I was getting ready to test some inventory UI things, and tried to create a save game in my test room. But loading the save crashed.

When I started poking around, it turned out to be NaN errors in the save file. Specifically with moon stations. Because the moons in the game had no rotational period specified, they were producing divide-by-zero errors when placing stations on them.

So I fixed the divide-by-zero error with a reasonable default (synchronous rotation, which most moons do). Then, I added real-world data for each moon that was missing it. Plus, since I was in there, I added the main Saturn moons. The SVIR station you see there is New Virginia, on Titan. It was previously the only moon defined for Saturn.

There was also a bug in loading saves made in the ship editor, since none of the characters had social info. So I added null checking there. And I added spawn coordinates to the test room so the player would appear near the crowbar, instead of inside a locked, empty room :)

The rest of the day was more managerial. But one of the bigger discussions to come from it involved what to do about inventory. I'm still a bit nervous about trying to rebuild NEO Scavenger's physical inventory UI here, simply due to its complexity.

On the other hand, it opens up a huge range of new things we can do once we have it. Not the least of which is to let us loot the crate we've locked and provided a crowbar for. It nicely bridges the gap from NS, too, making Ostranauts feel a bit more familiar.

Finally, we have a lot of the necessary pieces for the UI already running for item placement on ships, stacking, containers, and slots. We just haven't tied it all together in a UI yet.

So Michael is going to take a crack at it over the next day or so, to see if there are any gotchas. I truly hope it "just works," and we can sprinkle some nice art into it, then blow away fans with something they may not have expected. Working hard not to get too excited :)

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