Revealing Their Hearts. And audio!

Hey Folks! Been a few days of silence here, as I try to get some progress that I can show off.

Today's screenshot shows some of that progress, in the new social tactics UI. It's a lot like the old one, except now we start with a nearly empty list of status effects on them. And as we talk to them more, it reveals information about their state of mind.

I once flirted with adding a new property to each interaction, which specifically listed conditions it could reveal if it was used by someone. But faced with almost 100 interactions right now, and likely many more on the way, I didn't want to have to author these by hand. (Especially if it means going back through each any time I add a new condition to the game.)

So now, it does a different thing. It checks a social move for all the required personality traits, and it reveals some of those if the user had them. If someone has to be "cruel" to smack you around, and they do so, it will reveal that they're cruel.

Also, if that AI chose the move to address one of their stat deficiencies, it'll reveal that, too. So if they chose to brag because they had a low esteem, it would reveal their low esteem.

Today's screenshot also shows a situation where we get to do some good in the conversation. Rosemary has the "Feels Disrespected" status, which was revealed by her reassuring us with logic. (Basically, doing something she could be proud of.) And we have a social move called "Encourage," which if you can read the preview, says it'll help her self respect.

It may not do the job completely, or it could have a side effect we didn't think of. But this is the sort of thing we might use as a captain to keep our crew from being distracted or depressed.

Another recent development, which is hard to show in a screenshot, is audio! Bjørn has been busy getting new audio into the game, and we can now hear some equipment running in-game, plus footsteps! We've also been working on making the system accept more custom data per sound, so he can adjust volume levels, falloff curves, and other parameters as he sees fit.

It's really starting to feel like a real place now that we can hear it!

Anyway, a good week so far. I'm enjoying being back in the code and seeing the progress!

Tags: Ostranauts