Resizing Woes, and OOO Next Week

Hey Folks! Looks like this is officially a "difficult task" now, as screen aspect ratio and resizing rears it's head.

The old NEO Scavenger had a few graphics settings that could be changed: three different UI layout/aspect ratio choices, filtering, stretching, and fullscreen. Mobile, on the other hand, just has two: widescreen and 4:3. And what's more, mobile always uses the same layout on a given device, while desktop must switch at will based on window and monitor size.

And there's a lot of stuff going on under the hood any time these settings change. There seem like no end to the number of x/y, scale, size, and zoom settings one can change. Flixel's "game" object has them. Each camera has them. OpenFL seems to have some. And even NS itself has some. So when I say this area is fraught with complexity, I'm not understating :)

Anyway, a lot of stumbling, guessing, and checking later, I'm starting to wrap my head around the issue. I had a lot of zoom/hitbox mismatch/size issues until I reached what seems like a correct combo of resize commands. As you can see in today's image, I was finally able to get 4:3 mode rendering mostly where it should be.

It still has me concerned, though. Lots of stuff rendering too small or big for the space, and this is just the main menu. The game UI has more cameras each rendering a view, and lots of stuff zoomed and scaled to fit.

I'm wondering if I should be doing this through the scaleMode settings and resizing the whole game, or if this is something that should be done via camera settings. In particular, I wonder if using camera settings will avoid the rendering outside the box we see in today's image. (I.e. just crop the scene to the correct bounds) However, the multiple cameras in the main game might make that tricky.

Anyway, it's slow progress, but progress nonetheless.

Also, for those reading, I'm going to be on vacation next week. As usual, I'll periodically be checking work messages. But if I'm slow to respond, this is why.

Have a good week, all. And see you on the 23rd!


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I've played may a game (even recently) that did not support my native resolution - and they were still fun *gasp* :)

You have the option of supporting only the most common resolutions (e.g. 1080p), with optional scaling. Black bars on the screen edge are not the end of the world.

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Yeah, NS basically does that now. It has 800x450 (and multiples thereof), 1360x768, and 1024x768 modes, which shuffle UI elements around to fit (and occasionally use different font sizes or 2x UI elements). Any screen space outside of those sizes is a black bar (unless "Stretch" is enabled).

I'd ideally like to keep supporting the same graphics options as the original desktop release, since fans are not known to be very receptive to feature loss :)

Dan Fedor - Founder, Blue Bottle Games