[Request] Confirmation/Prompt when using "DESTROY".

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[Request] Confirmation/Prompt when using "DESTROY".

New to Neo Scavenger, really love the game, but the whole amateur UI problems are killing me.

I just need a mod that makes you confirm every time you want to destroy an item with a "Yes or No" prompt. I don't mind losing items from hasty decisions, but there shouldn't even be a chance of misclicking and losing items you might want later.

Also would be really grateful if someone could point me to a mod that lets me "Click and Hold" to drag items. Currently you can Click an item and it toggles the Drag, but it feels so un-intiutive. Not a big deal, but it would make item management more comfortable.


That's really not the kind of mods you'll find being made in this game. Limited mostly to whatever the XML provides us with, and that doesn't have much to do with the UI.

Not saying your wrong or anything, but that's how it is.

OverHaul Mod
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