[Request] Capturing and Selling NPCs

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[Request] Capturing and Selling NPCs

Methods of Capture:

Forceful Coercion: Taking a turn in combat to coerce the target into surrendering. This should be a risky move, giving them an opportunity to strike you by surprise or gain a head start in running away. Should have a chance of success based on your advantage vs theirs. I.e., a starving looter is more likely to surrender to a well-armed player holding them at gunpoint, whereas a decked out DNC guard would be more inclined to fight back.

Restraining while Unconscious: Basically, knock them out and take several turns trying and apprehend them. If they're not deeply unconscious, there's a chance they could wake up in the middle of this and resist. It's a balance of knocking them out for long enough to capture them, without actually killing them.

Logistics and Travel:

During combat, you would have the option to restrain the target based on items in your inventory. The number of turns it takes could be based on those items, so tying someone up with string/cloth/tape would take longer than using handcuffs, for example. I imagine the item would get used on success. Now, this is the part I'm not too sure about. I suppose humans could be restrained and walk alongside you. Perhaps they would slow down your movement speed? Whereas creatures could be tied up and simply presented as an item to be traded. I imagine you would need a vehicle to transfer the larger ones.

The Buyers:

Alvin's Butchers: They're slavers, so they could buy human NPCs based on their value. Looters < Bad Muthas < ATN Warriors < DNC Personnel as a quick example.

Detroit Mega City: Medical and science facilities might be interested in purchasing specimens. This could include Melonheads, Blue Frogs, possibly Dogmen and Enfield Horrors.

Zom Zom's: This one is out there but really cool, imo. Zom Zom's is a fight club, so what if we could use captured NPCs to fight and make bets? It doesn't have to be super complex. Just a success chance based on the captured NPCs combat value. So there's a bigger chance of losing money by betting on a captured Looter than an ATN Warrior.

I think this would provide a higher risk higher reward alternative to just killing enemies or letting them go. If anyone has any suggestions about it or a willingness to create such a mod, please do comment.

there is a way to do this, but probly not in the way you're hoping to see it.

for example, they'll have to be reduced down to either an item the player can hold - as in, the only way I see this kinda working out is when you capture them you hold an unconscious body that probably could never be reverted back to some kind of AI or Person. might as well call it money after capture because they're AI mechanics and stuff will be gone.

carry the "item" to a buyer or story event buyer, and they can look at the players inventory for these items and offer a value for them.

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Pretty interesting idea. I think you might be able to get this to work the same way that bodies spawn when you kill an npc, only it would have to be a new item like Layarion said. There aren't really any follower mechanics in the game, but you could (maybe) get degradation of an unconscious npc (basically a renamed corpse with a faster degrade time) to spawn a weaker variant of the same npc (ie a "shackled/bound looter").

This is probably more finagling than it's worth, though.

Rar! Rar rar rar! Thanks for reading :)

I think them becoming items is fine enough. Probably makes more sense for a murder hobo to tie you up in his cart than trust you to walk beside him anyway.