[REQUEST] Buy a Car, Safe Camp

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[REQUEST] Buy a Car, Safe Camp

Hey, so I was thinking about this after I finished a fight with Queen Liza for the barrel of YpCV/Blue Rot stuff.

If you're able to make the full, one week wait deal with Hatter, you get an obscene amount of money. Hatter himself even says that "a windfall like this comes once-in-a-lifetime" and recommends that the player invests it into something useful. Now, the first thing that comes to mind of course is permanent shelter. However, as a non-citizen of the DMC (plus considering the game's mechanics and overall setting), we can't do something like buy an apartment or anything.

But there's a car parkade literally right outside the wall, at the edge of the Sprawl.

I think it's reasonable to be able to buy and permanently have a vehicle as a campsite within the Sprawl, either as an option in the St. James Parkade or as a new encounter right beside it. This would cost nearly, if not all, the money that the Hatter-barrel deal would give you (accounting for the actual modern day prices of large-sized SUVs, trucks and the like + the corrupt markup and misc fees that a salesperson in a place like the Sprawl would charge) and provide a permanent, safe campsite for the player to conveniently sleep in.

I know that the Sprawl by design is already pretty safe to leave stuff just lying around with, but NS is still an RPG and to me, Philip wouldn't feel right leaving valuable goods and equipment just tucked away in some dirty hut at the corner of the communal trash fire ring.

Just an idea!