Renbao Smart Technologies



Renbao Smart Technologies Inc. (RST) is an unbordered technology company headquartered in Shenzhen and Suzhou Orbital, with operations in over two hundred countries, off world colonies, and corporate territories. RST’s design philosophy is led by the principles of neuromorphology, interconnectivity, and user symbiosis. Its hardware products include the Portal smartphone, the 机 (‘Engine’ or ‘G series’) laptop, the 牖 (‘Lattice’) tablet, and their associated augmented reality peripherals. RST is the leading subsidiary of the Renbao conglomerate.

  • Industry: Consumer electronics
  • Country of origin: Old China
  • Key people: Xu Xiang (CEO), Cheng Xiaoli (CFO), Lai Ying Ho (CDO)
  • Parent company: Renbao
  • Ticker symbol: REST


RST was founded in 2027 by Renbao Semiconductor Fabrication at the tail of the 20s fab boom. Its goal was to explore alternative computing architecture in the face of the rising costs of lithographic processes. While designing tests for a system in development, Lai Ying Ho, then a Junior Engineer, developed the predictive-priority-interface as a tool to assist her own work, populating it with surveillance data taken of herself. Her tool was soon in use by her coworkers. Anecdotal accounts have an unknown manager misunderstanding the interface’s origin and threatening to fire the entire floor for corporate espionage. When the directors realised the interface could become a mainstream success, they integrated it into their next-generation flagship devices. RST’s first major release, the 公式 (‘Formula’) smartphone, leapfrogged competition, setting industry standards of usability and performance.

RST soon expanded into disparate software and hardware fields such as artificial intelligence, cloud computing, high velocity data, cryptography, cybernetics, and wearable technologies. In 2050 Renbao Semiconductor Fabrication restructured itself to refocus the company’s mission, renaming itself ‘Renbao’ and giving RST the remit to pursue its focus on the consumer electronics environment. Renbao was one of the major investors in the construction of Suzhou Orbital, and today monopolises 6% of its interior surface area.


RST. The future’s key.