Refurbishing a ship

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Refurbishing a ship

I have found a nice ship that I want to fix up. At the moment I have two problems: Trash and unseen holes.

I can move around trash to see the floor -or lack there of- but would really like a way to just get rid of it.
How do I throw things away?

I have patched all the holes in walls and floor that I can find without pulling up every installed piece of equipment, yet it will not pressurize despite two cans of O2 and N pumped into the ship.
Do I need to pickup every piece of equipment to find some hidden hole?
Am I supposed to disassemble the whole ship and attach those parts to your little shuttle?



Hey Olive Pit!

I think you're doing it right, and there's probably just a damaged or missing floor/wall somewhere non-obvious. No need to port all the pieces onto your shuttle. You should be able to repair any ship you find (eventually).

If you hover your cursor over a room, the top right of the screen will either say "Exterior" if there is an open tile to space, or "Compartment" if all tiles are filled with a floor/wall/door. "Compartment" may still have a leak, though, if any tile has damage needing repair.

You can also use the cursor to see what's under equipment using the top right readout. Or you can use the "Install" command to hover around tiles to see if the tinting turns blue (empty spot) or red (occupied spot).

As for removing unwanted trash, I hope to improve this experience once we get item stacking finished. Plus some tools for removing unwanted items.

In the meantime, you can store unwanted items in crates or other containers that fit them, and use that to organize your space.

Hope this helps!

Dan Fedor - Founder, Blue Bottle Games

Thanks !
I did not know about damaged walls since they seem to be always covered by conduit.
The tip of hovering the cursor and checking for exterior/compartment was excellent and alone has helped me find ten damaged walls.


you can use the building mode to place missing walls and floors by overing around the ship and keeping the click on. and for damaged parts you can use the order of repair around the ship until you find something to repair,just keep clicking and it should be more faster.

Needed this lol. At the moment I'm having the same problem but I can't find any holes

Super Slayin Steve

I had to patch or repair interior damaged walls to pressurize a ship, so those leak a bit. I just sold some trash for .05 cents a piece at the station. I pile up trash into a room or a crate and dump it on a ship i'm stripping usually.