Reactor Progress, and Context Menus!

Hey Folks! Quite a bit to show off today, as both the reactor and context menu made significant strides.

On the reactor task, I've not got it correctly switching between "off" and "battery" modes. When the reactor is off, batteries on the input side are segregated from the reactor's output, which means the whole ship can be shut down through the reactor. And if you want to bypass that behavior, just run a conduit around the reactor in parallel!

I ended up having to expand the reactor to 3x3 tiles so I could run an isolated column of conductive tiles down the middle when it was on. The input in today's image is the bottom center tile of the red reactor. The output is the top center.

The middle center tile becomes non-conductive when it's off, breaking the circuit between input and output, and therefore the battery and the rest of the ship, leaving everything dark. (Top left screenshot.) And switching the power bus to "batt" restores that conductor in the middle, closing the circuit again.

Right now, the reactor draws a bit of power to run the control panel CPU and leds, but not much else. I'm working on getting the battery leds to show connected battery charges. And I also want to make it such that switching ignition on changes the reactor to a mode where it generates power.

I'm also planning to make the power bus "charge" setting feed power back to the batteries. But that might not be strictly necessary until later.

The lower part of today's screenshot show's Michael's latest work on the context menu. Looking pretty snazzy, eh?

There are a few things going on here. It's now a radial menu, instead of a big, long list.

Also, it cascades. The first ring out shows possible targets. Choosing target then reveals actions available on that target.

The graphics had a nice overhaul, too. Nostromo-like blue borders, unique graphics to denote actions vs. targets. Even a short fade-in!

I'm itching to take it for a spin myself. I just have to finish this power stuff in order to merge his changes in and try it all. This is getting pretty exciting!

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Are those commands just for the player character, or you can make any crew member do your bidding by right clicking on them? I mean, for your vision of the actual game.

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This is something that is likely to change based on playtesting, but the initial plan is for a mix.

All PCs and NPCs in the game will have an autonomous AI running, which directs them around to fulfill their needs. If they get hungry or need sleep, they address those like AIs in the Sims or RImworld.

The player will also have direct control over their avatar, the captain. E.g. while the captain AI is walking over to the bed to sleep, you can right-click on them to make them do something now.

For NPCs on the crew, you'll mostly be defining the general work that needs doing on the ship, and they'll self-serve from that job list based on your crew settings. So you'll be clicking on the floor and saying "clean this," but any PC or NPC can take that job based on current needs, overall priority settings, and current shift.

Michael and I were also discussing a Rimworld-like task override, where you can click on an NPC, then right-click the dirty floor tile and choose "prioritize cleaning tile." And in most cases, they'll drop what they're doing to handle that now. Then return to auto mode.

I could foresee those rules bending or blending a bit after testing. Like perhaps some NPC crew can become so loyal that you can control them like the captain.

Dan Fedor - Founder, Blue Bottle Games