Reactor fuel usage

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Reactor fuel usage

Just wanting to check something with regard to the rate of reactor fuel usage - the reactor control panel includes a readout for what looks like the reactor's estimated fuel use in kg per day. These readouts flicker wildly but (in my ship) seem to periodically stabilise at around 24 kg/day for helium-3 and 16 kg/day for deuterium oxide. However my reactor is actually using more like 12,342kg of helium-3 and 8,640kg of deuterium oxide per in-game day. (My ship is just a restored Edelweiss with the standard blueprint plus about 10 extra wall lights and one extra door, for reference.) Is this just a case of the UI text on the reactor control panel being outdated against a balance change that was made at some point, or is the reactor using a lot more fuel than it should be?

Sounds like I probably made a mistake in the conversion somewhere. It's a roughly 500x error, which is suspiciously not 3600 or 60 (my first hunch was reporting wrong time units as days instead of hours or seconds).

In any case, it's something that needs fixing. Thanks!

Dan Fedor - Founder, Blue Bottle Games