Re-buy direct after purchasing on Steam?

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Re-buy direct after purchasing on Steam?

I bought the game on Steam yesterday. It is amazing. I wanted to buy it straight away after playing the demo, and I didnt realise you could buy it directly, not just on Steam.

I want to play it in the browser when Im away from my computer. I also think it's a shame that I didnt buy it direct, giving more profit to the dev.

If I get a refund through Steam, will I be able to buy it again but direct this time, and somehow load my existing save file?

Secondly, when you play in Browser will it be a unique save or does it sync? So would you have a separate save on your home computer vs browser?

Thanks for the support and encouragement! It's always cool to hear when folks are excited to play the game. Keeps me going :)

Re: purchasing here vs. on Steam, it's possible to transfer the save. Though, it's a manual process, and clunky. Basically, you'd be looking for the nsSGv1.sol file of the Steam game, and copying it into the save directory of the non-Steam version.

This thread explains where to find the file on different OSes:

Just a quick word of warning, you should probably ensure the browser version works for you before committing to the direct purchase option. Flash support is slowly disappearing from browsers, so I'd hate for you to switch and hit a roadblock. There's a browser demo here:

Also, the save files won't sync between browser and desktop editions. Though, they should still be compatible if you manually copy them around (per above nsSGv1.sol instructions).

Hope this helps!

Dan Fedor - Founder, Blue Bottle Games