RCS Controls, and Partial Family Sick Day

Hey Folks! Another short dev day today, I'm afraid. Family still a bit sick, so I spent some time with the toddler to give mom a break. Mom's getting a bit better, thankfully. But I have a feeling my turn is coming...

Anyway, I did manage to get a fair amount done on RCS thruster controls. Today's screenshot shows a few new UI widgets to help. Namely, the NAV MODE toggle, which switches the display from the old mode (PAN, in which WASD moves the cursor around ), and the new RCS mode (where WASD and QE control maneuver jets).

Currently, they're just hard-coded to 15m/s2 acceleration (almost 2Gees), for easy testing. And even that is so slow that we'll have to see if it works in practice. My original 1m/s2, which is roughly equivalent to the NASA shuttle, was almost imperceptible.

I can fly now, however. And if I speed up the time warp, I can really move around at a good clip. Feels a bit like Asteroids!

The next step is to make the UX a bit better. Currently, the aforementioned slowness makes it really hard to tell what's happening. And I might take a stab at making that better by adding future projections. The old main thruster plots used those projections to show where you would be X hours/days/weeks into the future, but they switch off if you're on a ship with no fusion thruster.

I made some changes today to enable projections when RCS mode is active, so we can see where the ship will be in the future. +1 minute for each projection. I'm not yet seeing those projections, though, so I think I have a rendering bug.

Tomorrow, I'm hoping to get it to a point where I can at least see my ship's progress (or projected progress) a bit better, and start using it as a tool to get around. Especially in local space around docking targets. Which might mean I also need to start defining local space, and maybe rendering boundaries around things to show where that is.

You know, so we know when to switch the fusion torch off, to avoid getting destroyed by the LA. ;)

Tags: Ostranauts