Questions about setting / future gameplay

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Questions about setting / future gameplay

So there's been plenty of talk about the game's current state, and features that might be implemented in the immediate future, but reading through the lore on the website has gotten me wondering about what might be yet to come game wise. One of the big things I guess is given that multiple currencies are being used across the System, what, if any, impact would that have in the player gameplay wise? And also, to what extent is the distinction between cash and digital currency important?

In a similar vein, the setting page mentions in great detail Osigo's register and spaceship insurance more broadly. Again, is this a part of the setting we could expect to have gameplay implications, or remain just as flavour to universe.

All in all Ostranauts has me more excited than any other game for a long time :) Already the game's atmosphere is incredible and there's clearly so so much potential.

I definitely wanted to dive deep on topics like currency, language, and insurance. I feel like there are some really cool things to explore, and potential game systems to design around them.

I think I vastly underestimated how hard it would be to do even the more basic systems, though, like life support, or even AI behaving with minimal intelligence :)

But if the game lives long enough, I'll probably just keep adding stuff to it to make the world seem more and more real!

Dan Fedor - Founder, Blue Bottle Games

I'm so excited for this game to become its own living breathing world. I was wondering the same question. Can't wait to experience everything. Wonder if ill be able to become the most infamous space pirate lol

Super Slayin Steve