Pretty Darned Close...

Hey Folks! I'm happy to report that whatever sickness had me yesterday seems to be losing today. Feeling much better. Just had to roll around in pain, shivering and sweating for a few hours. Works every time! :)

And to continue the good news, today was really productive. I mean really.

For one thing, the game now has logging. To an actual log.txt file. Not only when loading assets, but during gameplay. By default, it overwrites the old log file when starting a new game, except in cases where the last log is missing a clean shutdown message. In that case, it makes a backup of the log with a timestamp filename, then starts a new one. I'm hoping that this will do two things: first, modders can get better debugging info when loading their mods. And second, players have something more to send me than just a save file if things go wrong.

A lot of the morning was spent on this, and re-enabling a lot of debug output into the logs, and making it a bit easier to read in the file. Still not perfect, of course, but hopefully a major improvement over...let me check my notes here...having no info at all :)

I also found and fixed a bug in item sprite resizing when the game changed window size while inventory was open. (It was previously working only when map was open.) That, plus a few button/UI tweaks for same.

Yet AGAIN, I had to debug a problem with toggle buttons not showing their correct state. This time, due to the default onMouseOut() function resetting their state, regardless of toggle status.

Finally, I tried a little experiment where I renamed the app, build, and version number for desktop vs. mobile. And had mixed success. The debugger seems to be broken when I do this, and I'm unsure why.

However, the release mode seems to work a champ. And that's today's screenshot: an honest-to-goodness desktop build of NEO Scavenger in release mode, with correct app filename, save file folder name, version number, etc. Basically, the version folks can expect to have on their machines after the update. And so far, the test run is going very smoothly!

That said, I'm not really stress-testing it just yet. Just playing it earnestly. Stress testing means doing lots of heavy stuff like changing resolutions randomly, fullscreening and back, alt-tabbing in fullscreen mode, rapidly clicking buttons over and know, the stuff monkeys do when they're using- ahem, I mean stuff a regular user might do while using an app :)