Precipice Averted!

Hey Folks! I'm happy to say that yesterday's wandering down dangerous paths has been corrected. I was able to solve the "spy" and other input issues with minimal changes to code.

As it turns out, there was naught but a tiny typo in the code that caused the misbehaving spy feature: the game was checking the input vs. creature positions in two different coordinate systems. Namely, the game was checking the mouse position in world space against the creature in screen space. So anytime the map was scrolled away from the top left corner of the world (i.e. all the time), it failed.

After making that change, I was able to get a hit registered when checking for creature spying.

And, I was able to add a new context button on hexes and creatures for spying! I think this second one will go a long way towards making it more usable on touchscreen. I also added some message log feedback when spying is activated/deactivated.

There was also a minor bug that caused the spy to always choose the previously targeted creature. Code was just missing a check for nulls to reset the target when appropriate.

Combined with some minor UI fixes/tweaks for aesthetic reasons, not a bad day! And we're back to one pre-launch bug. Woohoo!


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I think this went on long enough and you should just release the mobile version already. See the overall response and concentrate on reported bugs, also get some sales and generate publicity to keep your incentive and spirits up, can't go wrong with that.

Unless there are any genuine showstoppers which you'd really like to avoid, it's most likely in good enough stage for consumers to enjoy. Hey, I know I'd play NS on the phone if I didn't hate playing on the phone (or any handheld, really) so much. :)

Oh, and just as a side note, number of comments is no longer visible under news posts. Is that intended or an oversight?

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Yeah, I thought that feature was coming back. Nice to see others users comments and discussions but I can't be bothered to open each old post just to check!

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@Rovlad, I'm pretty much on the same page as you :) Tiago's got the last pre-launch bug fixed, and I think we're just going to test it one more time for regression before calling it "good."

As for the comment counter, this is indeed a bug. I've got it logged with the web devs, but I don't have an ETA yet.

Dan Fedor - Founder, Blue Bottle Games