PR Spool-Up

Hey Folks! Short post today, as it was most PR prep work today.

James and Joshua finished their trailer work, and handed that off to me around the middle of the day. And since then, it's basically been full-bore preparation for the teaser launch. Accounts to setup, domain names, coming soon pages, art assets. And descriptions. Loads and loads of descriptions. Every place you go needs a bespoke blurb of text, and in some places, a half dozen of them.

So for the next little while, that's what my desk looks like. Lots and lots of marketing prep :)

I did get a brief glimmer of game dev done this morning. I started laying the ground work for a priority system improvement on AI to handle duties and roster settings. I'm leaning towards making the current shift and duty assignments affect each AI's preferences/sensitivities to certain needs. E.g. during their sleep shift, decrease their tolerance for sleep deprivation.

My hope is that by tweaking these values, AI will be gently pushed to do appropriate things during those times, without me having to hard-code any behaviors. Seems good in theory, but it'll have to wait until the teaser stuff is done!

Tags: Ostranauts