Power Upgrades Done, Retrofitting Layouts

Hey Folks! I've finally got the power system upgrades to a point where they're more generally usable, and I'm starting to look at some item rendering bugs.

The power system needed a few more fixes before I could use it elsewhere in the game. One of the more significant changes was to make interactions more robust by having them store participants by ID instead of by reference. This allowed them to reacquire targets if those targets changed modes, such as when crew is using a reactor that switches on or off. It was a mostly invisible change on the surface, but fixed a lot of null reference issues behind the scenes.

I also noticed that I had some legacy code that was generating power in the recharging component, instead of the fusion component. I tidied that up and now recharging only removes power to recharge things, and fusion creates power.

Furthermore, for some reason my conduits and junctions all had running power components that did nothing. This was a lot of wasted processing, so I removed that.

With those changes done, reactors were finally stable enough to start replacing the old versions I had on ship and station layouts. I've updated the big test ship, K-Leg station, and the chargen station to all use the new reactor and backup batteries.

The next thing I'm looking into is a rendering/inventory bug involving dropped items. Dropping a food packet in the crew's starting inventory seems to remove it without adding it to the ground.

After tracing the code when dropping food packets, I think I've found the problem. The game is searching the nearby area for things to stack the dropped item on, and it's finding the stuff inside the crew's pockets, stacking on those. I'm in the process of ignoring any items in containers nearby, since those should be handled through the container itself, not the contents.

I should be able to fix that tomorrow, and once that's done, maybe a little bit of derelict love?

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That bit about it searching in pockets for a stack is interesting. Will we ever see a feature where a character is desperately hungry and he rummages through someone else's pockets?


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Given that professional shipbreakers are still looking for food in the toilets, what's a bit of pickpocketing between crewmates?
Seriously though, could they please NOT look for food in toilets anymore?
It should be a space ship, not an insane asylum. At least, not right from the start. :)
PS. It was even in the trailer video, and now in your latest update one.

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Pickpocketing could be a thing. It certainly makes sense. Might be a bit tricky for moving AIs to pull off, but I won't rule it out!

As for the toilet food thing, it should eventually take a back seat once I do another batch of content. It was mainly there as a test to see if AI could initiate interactions that I didn't foresee.

The AI interactions work a bit like crafting in NEO Scavenger, where there's a recipe that requires certain adjectives and forbids others, and the AI will check against those. In the toilet's case, I made it have the same adjectives as the fridge (waterproof, medium container, or something along those lines) to see if the AI could be resourceful.

That test passed a long time ago, so it isn't necessary any more. And the search params are probably overdue for some refining.

It's just like everything else in the project: long overdue for recent attention :)

Dan Fedor - Founder, Blue Bottle Games

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Hah, that explains things! Thanks for sharing this one. Glad to hear it's not a running theme or anything.