Power, Thrust, and Science

Hey Folks! Going to be a short post today, as I've left news too late to dive deep. Family is waiting for dinner :)

Early in the day, I spent a bit of time looking into a bandage/wound issue on NEO Scavenger mobile with Tiago, and a DMC map edge bug. And late in the day, I reviewed some of Michael's latest edits to the space prototype's major players/brands.

Sandwiched in the middle, I decided to tackle the space prototype's ship subsystems as my next thing. I figure that if I can get the ship to where it and its crew have a few interdependent subsystems that push and pull on each other, it becomes a much more interesting and challenging balancing act. The ship's atmo needs replenishing, so there will probably be scrubbers and O2 beds, as well as pumps to move air around. But that requires power, more than the batteries will handle for a trip.

And speaking of trips, it's going to be a long one without a thruster.

Adding a reactor with exhaust can solve the power and thrust problems, but in turn, creates problems of its own. Things like heat, radiation, and more simply, things breaking down.

So if I can get those subsystems working, and throw in a few more crew consumption stats, and perhaps some sort of crew "repair" action requiring tools/materials/skills, that can make just the trip alone an interesting challenge. Then, maybe follow that up with trade at stations, and more interdependent systems.

Hopefully, that kick-starts an interesting game loop!

That's Monday. It's weekend time, so have a good one!