Possible technical issues after Adobe ends support for flash...

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Possible technical issues after Adobe ends support for flash...

I bought Neo Scavenger ages ago, but just recently became obsessed with it. Is the termination of Flash Support going to make this game unplayable? I'm getting mixed messages in research as to whether or not ANYTHING flash will function, or if it simply won't function in browsers. I do not play it in a browser. I got it from GoG. If their is an issue with running the game on flash internally, can I safely assume an update/remastered version is not in the works? Any knowledge is appreciated :).

Hello! And that's a good question, as lots of mixed info is being spread around.

As far as I am aware, only the browser (plugin) version of NEO Scavenger will be affected. The downloadable version uses what's called the "Flash Projector" or "Standalone Flash" format, which is basically a self-contained app for viewing Flash content.

In other words, when you download NEO Scavenger, you are downloading a stand-alone Flash executable plus game files. No plugins required.

So unless OS makers decide to stop running Flash projectors, you should be safe.

As for an update or remastered version, nothing yet. I did attempt to make a Haxe version (to bring NS out of the Flash engine), but haven't gotten that to a point where I'm happy with it yet.

Might still happen one day (especially if there does end up being an issue running Flash projectors), but so far, no need.

Hope this helps!

Dan Fedor - Founder, Blue Bottle Games

Thanks for the speedy reply and this wonderful game. As someone who loves rpgs that don't hold your hand, and being small-town Michigan born and raised, this game was a real treat for me. It's pretty fantastic.
It is a great relief to know it will likely still function, and I'm looking forward to the full release of Ostranauts on GoG (pending :P)! It's a shame I found Neo Scavenger so late. Good luck on all your future endeavors. You have yourself a new fan.

edit: spelled Ostranauts wrong because i'm an idiot.