Portrait Mockups Part 2, and Administrivia

Hey Folks! Hope everyone enjoyed their weekend. Pretty low-key, here. The fun factor for Fallout 4 seems to be fading already, and I'm considering picking up something else. But on the plus side, Expanse season 2 is now on Prime, so I'm rationing that :)

Today was unfortunately mostly admin work, between email catch-up, annual tax prep, and some other office-y stuff. However, Emily's latest portrait mockups arrived, and they're looking good!

Last time, we saw two options with vastly different shading. One painterly/fully-shaded version, and another with limited colors. This iteration is a revision of that limited color approach, to see if we could further refine it. And I think the colors are just about where I'd want them. I was originally suggesting 3 tones for primary skin, plus eyes, hair, lips, etc., but as we see here, the female face has 5 tones for skin. I think this was unintentional, but I'm glad it happened. It not only looks better, but I think it'd work just as well as 3 tones. So this might be the way forward.

The male face colors are an improvement, too, though I think I liked the old facial features better. Eye size, lip shape, and overall ruggedness of the older iteration were a bit more pleasing to my eye. These ones aren't objectively worse or anything, but I think they look a bit too boyish/cartoonish for what I have in mind. They'd probably still look fine, but now that I've seen the original mockups, I really like those better :)

Anyway, this is moving along nicely!


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Large eyes like in that pic for men (and women) are a sign of innocence and youth. It's like anime, if you wanna make them look more "mature" and adultish, you're going to have to make the features smaller and more defined. Smaller eyes (or stubble/facial hair for men) might be an example.

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Yeah, you'll see that in the next iteration. I think it strikes the right balance between detail and simplicity.

Dan Fedor - Founder, Blue Bottle Games