Portrait Improvements, Coveralls

Hey Folks! Finally got a bit of time in the editor today, to catch up on some of Emily's latest work. There was a brief window of tax work during the day, but I was thankfully able to be fairly productive otherwise.

As you can see in today's screenshot, I finished importing the latest portrait assets. The main thing here was to get all the face parts aligned consistently across each type. Since they all share the same vertices, bones, and animations, it's best if the sprites used have boundaries and features aligned.

I also spent a bit of time around the mouth edges to try and fix cases where the underlying face color peeks through inside the lips. There's still some rough edge issues on the mouth during certain expressions, but it isn't as bad as before.

Finally, I also tweaked the animations a bit more so the face doesn't contort quite as unnaturally now. Even the pain animation looks serviceable.

More importantly, we have three very different faces all working on the same rig/animations! This gives me hope for hooking-up wider varieties of face assets in the future, and hopefully allow players to experience diverse crews. (A big benefit of which will be each crew member having a memorable and distinct appearance.)

In a similar vein, I also hooked-up Emily's latest top-down sprite. It was basically ready to go except for normal maps, so I cobbled some together today. You can see how that looks with lighting now in the image, too. (Lower right quadrant.) Nothing too surprising here, but just proof that a different outfit still works.

One thing I noticed while testing that, however, is that I never fixed back-face culling. So when the crew animates, the back sides of arms/legs disappear. The best way to address this, as far as I can tell, is to make each sprite double-sided quads. Simply disabling backface culling is easier, but would result in incorrect lighting on the backfaces.

So a good chunk of the afternoon was spent reacquainting myself with Blender (i.e. stumbling around blind). After mucking around with UVs, orientations, and sizes to make it line-up with the game's expectations, I've nearly got a 2-sided quad ready. I just have to figure out how to weld it into a single object so it gets imported into Unity as a single mesh.

Not a bad day, all told! It's nice to have a lot of those loose ends tied-up. They had been giving me some anxiety, not only because they were unfinished, but also because I wasn't sure they'd look nice once I butchered them. But I think they're good enough for me not to fret over the weekend :) Have a good one, all!