(POI Variety) More complexity on the scavenge mechanic.

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(POI Variety) More complexity on the scavenge mechanic.

Hello survivors! Here comes my second suggestion.
For a game called scavenger, scavenging comes to us pretty simple and safe. Just get into the hex and start praying and looting. Avoid ruins and get the loot elsewhere or don't and get a few scratches, if-ish.
My suggestion is to enrich the scavenging with both, gold and doom, to spice the experience in a randomly selected handful of POIs (towns, ruins, shacks etc.) with generated dungeon-like exploration. (Just like when we enter the isotope mine or hidden lake, etc. but with more simple, autogenerated situations) adding more complexity to the navigation of these points and ultimately getting the loot we want. Maybe in it's vast majority, loot can remain the same, but spicing the variety of POIs with these "double or nothing" scavenging locations baiting us out of our comfort zone (with a little greed or temptation), testing our might and skills in an autogenerated dungeon to get an ultimate prize and probably bleed for it.

First of all. let's discuss locks:

as an alternate suggestion: Locked rooms should be way more common (Maybe in every non-ruin abandoned building), and be only safe to explore with lockpicking. Crowbar needs a penalty chance to bust the lock and jam the doors to give Lockpicking a real advantage making it the true and only looting skill like it is supposed to be (Nerfing Strong in the process).

Uncommon POIs and dungeons

There should be no difference between a normal town and one with a dungeon in it, before scavenging. Once you enter the Scavenging menu, you can notice if it has an uncommon Scavenging location. Spying the hex from far away can give you this information too, marking the tile with a text. Dungeons can vary in type and form with the nature of the hex. (Ex. Supermarket (filled with raiders), Broadcast tower (filled with drones), Lairs (filled with dogmen), Blue frog church, bar, etc. etc.)


If the player has eagle eye skill or has a magnification item, the player has the right to Spy the hex while standing in it to retrieve information of the dangers and challenges that lies in the dungeon ahead in order to know what skills or items he is expected to bring in to avoid being punished. Also it can show you some of the creatures that awaits them in there. Failing to spy spawns a dungeon-related monster.

The player can enter the dungeon hiding or at night and be able to refract the dungeon encounters accordingly.


Once scavenged, those locations open a generated option node-tree (similar to exploring Isotope mine, or the hidden lake) to navigate through. While exploring these, the player must face a variety of challenges that requires the use of a certain skill or spend certain resources or be punished. Also Dungeons can lead to one or more hard combat encounters. Avoiding a node or fleeing a combat automatically leaves the dungeon and denies the chance to explore it again. Once reaching a final node a player can access a Vault.


After surviving the encounter, the player can get a chance to access to a "Vault". A "Vault" is a residual Scavenging location that spawns once you've cleared a dungeon. "Vaults" can have different locks and accessibility depending on the nature of the POI (could be a Raider stash, an old military cache, a warehouse, etc.) but usually they encourage you to remember the location and come back later with proper ways to enter it.

Just a brainstorm example:
Player finished scavenging an Old broadcast tower with a military cache hidden on a forest shack. There he had to fight several dogmen and avoid traps. Now he's facing a vault with a Digital lock on it.

Digital lock:

These kind of lock is very rare and leads to a prime-looting vault.
To open digital locks you need to power-up a digital panel with a power source and select one of these:

  • Guess the code : Very little chance to get access. (gets slightly better if mixed with eagle-eye skill and ashes to spot key usage).
  • Brute-force hack : Normal chance. (Requires a working mobile device or laptop and hacking skill OR proper software).
  • Rewire the panel: Better chance to get access. (Requires electronics, lockpicking and a multitool).
  • Heuristic hack : Best chance. ( needs a working laptop, hacking skill AND proper software) .
  • Password SD: Very expensive consumable that gives you instant access to a digital lock (These are sold in detroit AFTER you know a vault location. Passwords are asociated to a single location type ex: Password SD (Broadcast Tower))

You can't repeat a method in a digital lock, if you fail 3 checks then you block the lock forever and lose your chance to access the vault.