*PLEASE* Making some modding tools for modders!! *PLEASE*

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*PLEASE* Making some modding tools for modders!! *PLEASE*

I tried modding this game a while ago and it is too hard to change big mods because the way the javascript is done,
if you guys could just make it slightly easier to mod this game would become more alive again, so many people want to mod but it's really hard to get past that barrier.
It seems like modding was easier in the past but something changed (was updated) and modding died off.
How about an app to make items or simply make it easier to code mods because right now it's a serious pain in the neck.
I know you guys are busy with ostronauts (which ive added to my steam wish list) but it seems like a sin to let this great game die when with a bit of work I think that the modding scene could easily become thriving again and this game could continue on for years (look at the doom community for example, it's still going strong thanks to modding.)
Don't forget us!
Please help us mod your game!
I mod doom, rimworld and other games and they don't require line numbers for every step, it's way too much when you are editing huge mods and it's so confusing.
I love this game and there are so many mods that can be done, so many old mods that can be fixed!
Ok well I had to try lol
Thanks for all your hard work either way!

Hey wolf619!

I apologize for the difficulty in getting mods to work. You're right that it can be a real pain to get everything lining-up in those files.

Unfortunately, I probably won't have time for a while to revisit NEO Scavenger. There's a bunch I want to do to revitalize the game (including a new engine), but I had to stop after a couple of months to return to Ostranauts. Perhaps when Ostranauts settles down a bit, I can return to my work there, and make NS a bit more robust.

Regarding something changing that broke your mod, it's hard to say what might cause this. Quite a few things changed over the life of the game. But one major change was the separation of the giant XML file into many, smaller XML files. Which should hopefully help in finding the data you need faster. Could that have messed-up the old mod?

Also, I think it would be useful for me to know what the biggest problems are in modding for you. When the time comes for me to work on NEO Scavenger again (whether NS1 or a sequel), I'd love for the modding to be more accessible!

What are the obstacles you encounter most when modding?

Dan Fedor - Founder, Blue Bottle Games

There have actually been quite a few projects that aim to make modding easier.

Dova's map editor, if it still works

I also know that there are some other modding tools around, but I couldn't spot them when searching. The posts are around somewhere. I was following the discussion that Layarion was having with the developer of it for a while.
Layarion is also trying to normalize a consistent mod format so that things are easier to locate and define. If you ever make a mod, I suggest following a set format.

All that said, NS does have a modding learning curve, and the only way to get past it is to just tackle it head on, and brute force the code until it works, then clean it up once you have even a vague idea of what's what.

Rar! Rar rar rar! Thanks for reading :)