Please help me continue...[SPOILERS]

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Please help me continue...[SPOILERS]

Edit: Never mind, we're dead.

I am about 50 hours into the game. I have no trouble surviving at this point and it feels like I have uncovered quite a bit of the main story. I have been to Zom Zom's, the bank and apartments in DMC, Hidden Lake, ATN Enclave, Hatter and Camp Grayling. Well, I've been to the outside of Camp Grayling, I get burned if I try to enter. Seems like microwave to me.

So here's my specific issue...after leaving Saginaw hospital I was confronted by the wraith like figure that threw a gas mask at my chest in the story. I do not have that gas mask. It wasn't on the ground or in my inventory. Am I supposed to have an inventory item for it, or is it just a story checkbox that will be acknowledged later? If it is an inventory item and I don't have it, do I need to start over?

Secondary issue: I really don't have any further threads to pull. I don't have any idea how to enter Grayling, nor do I know about any other locations. I feel like to continue will just mean wandering the map repeatedly building camp fires and boiling water until I find something. IS that the next step? Is there a clue somewhere that I missed? There has been quite a bit of time between sessions so it's possible there was a story beat or clue in one of those locations that I missed.

I guess I would prefer a clue here not a specific answer, but I'll take any aid I can get.

Thank you,

Survival Time: 24 days, 7.25 hours.

Player is unconscious.
Player already visited the upstairs of Seven Gables.
Player was introduced to Hatter.
Player is using an optical magnification device.
Player contracted gastroenteritis.
Player is skilled in hand-to-hand combat. Melee weapons are more effective and degrade slower.
Player is carrying a heavy load, and their movement rate is much slower. Player also fatigues much faster.
Player is comfortable.
Player already visited the downstairs of Seven Gables.
Player agreed to do a contract for Hatter.
Player is well-rested.
Player's hunger is sated.
Player's thirst is slaked.
Player is skilled at hiding, and can conceal themselves better than most.
Player is wearing the protective talisman.
Player fell to the ground, and must regain footing to continue.
Player died of blood loss.
Player is not experiencing any pain.
Player's whole body is in an inflammatory, potentially fatal state.
Player is skilled in trapping and snares.
Player already discovered Exam Room 17.
Player is having shortness of breath, and is developing bluish blotches on their skin.
Player already visited the Red Gnome diner.
Player already visited Haggerty Health.
Player already visited the DMC.
Player is skilled in lockpicking.
Player is skilled at hacking.
Player discovered the bank account info at the cryo facility.
Player learned of Cale's address in the DMC.
Player was identified by police, and is wanted.
Player figured out the skybike's blind spot.
Player triggered greater security at the bank.
Player already tried speaking with the bank teller.
Player noticed that the skybike tracks via electronic devices.
Player knows that the creature coming down the hall was a dogman.
Player already had DMC guard conversation 1.
Player already had DMC guard conversation 2.
Player answered Michelle's question of where he's been.
Player already visited the ATN.
Player already returned to the cryo facility.
Player completed the intro task for Hatter.
Player already received care at ATN recently.
Player had regression therapy at Saginaw.
Player is welcome at Saginaw.
Player looted the Strangler's corpse.
Liza is Queen of the Blue Frogs now.
Player is wearing a wrist strap from Gyges Cryo Facility.
Player has been inside Saginaw.
Player knows there's something important about Saginaw.
Player is wearing a crude air filter.
Player knows about the NEO Wiki.
Player already had Martha's Army conversation 1 with JD.
Player gained a legendary reputation for being elusive.
Player saw the glow in the east.
Player has acted significantly more good than evil.
Player asked Michelle a question about spirit, and cannot ask again.

Never got the gas mask scene but a hint for next time, if you read the newspaper articles lying around, you'll find one about Greyling.