Player (on map) sprites not shown for items equipped in "neck slot"

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Player (on map) sprites not shown for items equipped in "neck slot"

I know this may be classified as a "mod" issue, but I've found that if you assign a sprite to a clothing item when equipped in the neck slot (such as the talisman), the game won't display said sprite on the player's map model the way it does for items using other slots (weapons in hands or shoulder, clothes on torso, backpacks, etc.).

For example, if I add a player graphic for the talisman or jar of screaming eyes, equipping it in the player's hands shows the player's map sprite change, but equipping it on the neck does not change the player's appearance.

If this isn't just something I've done wrong... would it be possible to fix this functionality, even though the vanilla game doesn't have any neck slot items that use player sprites? I'd *really* like to be able to use the neck slot (slot 23, from memory) to change the player sprite and I'm hoping this is a very minor thing to fix or I wouldn't ask.

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Took me a minute to understand what you meant, but I think I get it now. And it's possible this is just a missing sprite definition in the mod data.

If you look at an item in itemtypes.xml, they each have a vSpriteList property. This is the one from 50.2 tactical boots:

<column name="vSpriteList">2=CreItmPoliceBootL.png,3=CreItmPoliceBootR.png</column>

which is in the form SLOTID=IMAGENAME,SLOTID=IMAGENAME, etc. So the boots will add CreItmPoliceBootL.png on the creature sprite when equipped in slot ID 2.

For neck items, the relevant ID is 23. And looking at the code, that is the highest ID the creature sprite will support. So I think you can just add the relevant image there, and it'll work.

Unfortunately, if that doesn't work, getting a new build up is not very likely. The code change for it is trivial, but generating the binaries and distributing them to the various stores is a bit more work.

I may someday pick up where I left off converting the NS Flash engine to Haxe, as that got really close last year. (See the "test" build on this site's download page.) But I was going way into the weeds on a rendering bug and had to drop it again.

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