Planetary Retrofit

Hey Folks! Making pretty good progress with the orbital plotting UI.

After a bit of hemming and hawing, I decided to retrofit the old UI rather than remake it. I was starting to run into issues in the new version by trying to mix mesh sprites with canvas drawing, which was mainly to try and speed-up rendering.

However, there are some tricks I can use to speed-up an all-canvas rendering approach, too, and those seem to be working. And the coordinate system simplifications I made in the new version weren't too hard to back-port to the old one.

So as of now, I've got the old UI rendering using new high-precision, simplified coordinate systems. This means smoother close-range rendering, plus I can just send real-world coordinates to my drawing functions, and they handle all the offsets, scaling, and other adjustments internally.

Already it's making a difference, as I was finally able to fix the gravity vector scaling bug I had for a long time. Today's screenshot shows our ship outside Jupiter, with gravity pointing to the gas giant's well. Rendering is about 25% faster now, too. And tomorrow, I think I can boost it further by culling anything too far offscreen.

In short, I think we're in good shape to start working on manual flight controls using this UI, instead of requiring a new one or complex duplicate scene tricks!

Tags: Ostranauts