Peacock Pictures


Peacock Pictures Incorporated is a Xinhuan media studio, production company, and distributor. It is one of the biggest media companies in the System, and a hybrid producer of ‘new’ and ‘old’ media. It is most well-known for its feature films, and for its association with a group of directors, actors, and technical directors known as 右岸派, or ‘Right Bankers’.

  • Type: Media producer, distributor
  • Alternate names: Kongque Yingye Youxian Gongsi (孔雀影业有限公司)
  • Country of origin: Xinhua, Mars
  • Headquarters: Pavonis Mons
  • Key people: Wei Cheng (president), Di Yaote (chief creative officer)
  • Ticker symbol: PECK


Peacock Pictures was founded by Xinhua Arts Council to attract filmmakers in Pavonis Mons with the promise of funding assistance and creative freedom. For years the project was deemed a failure by Xinhua representatives, and president Wei Cheng was threatened with removal fourteen times while resisting the influence of her government. In press statements she referred to this period as ‘riding the tiger’.

The project’s success was gradual rather than overnight. Its growth continued long after becoming profitable. Helping the climb was its growing stable of creative producers, the Right Bank, including directors like Di Yaote and Zhou Feifei, and the acting power couple Benedict Lam and Dalisay. The breakout success of plains thriller Those With Loaded Guns is regarded as Peacock Pictures’ watershed moment, and the codification if not the origin of the ‘plains’ genre.


The creative freedom of Peacock allowed it license and a budget to do as it pleased, in spite of voices in the Arts Council demanding historical dramas and ‘classic science fiction’ to compete with the output of the Western studios. Wei Cheng wanted to establish a visual language and a foundation myth for new generations living on Mars. She forced the internal ideological battle into the public eye, where it struck a chord with Martian colonists.

The lives of the creatives are subject to constant tabloid scrutiny, paparazzi, and social media debate. This is encouraged by Peacock, who curate fandoms, inviting audiences into the production process and behind the scenes. The effect is that celebrities seem like close friends of their fans, and in some cases, they are.

Films & Taglines

Those With Loaded Guns
‘Take the secret to the grave.’

The Disconnect
‘Those who know don’t talk. And those that talk don’t know.’

‘It was just a simple heist. Now it’s anything but.’

Diamonds in the Rough
‘He loved she who loved only money.’

Southern Highland
‘There’s a long long way to fall.’