PC Save Corruption: The Search Continues

Hey Folks! Hope everyone had a good weekend. Ours involved a lot of cleaning poop and pee as we potty trained the little one. Progress is being made. But so much poop and pee... Good research for NEO Scavenger 2, perhaps.

I spent pretty much the entire day trying to reproduce the PC save corruption bug. And at one point, I thought I had it! But alas, no luck yet.

One of the users on BBG's forums, onioneer, had a promising sounding save and repro steps from his machine. From his own testing, the save he sent me would corrupt fairly shortly after loading it. So I fired that up this morning, and went to work.

The file increased in size, from 2.1MB to 2.8MB without any issue, but suddenly, Flash was asking for permission to use more space. Could this be it? Maybe the save corruption was a result of Flash not having the permission it needed? Maybe it wasn't asking when it needed to, and just bailed out before completing the save?

As it turns out, probably not. No matter what I tried, I couldn't get Flash to trip-up and do a partial save. I tried messing around with files, changing my settings, ignoring the dialog, adding files behind the dialog's back after changing settings, etc. No dice. The way Flash works, it writes all the data to memory first, then checks for space to write the file, and only writes it if there is space (and permission). So that wasn't it.

And so I continued, with the playtesting raising save file past 3MB and counting.

I think one other possibility might be a crash while writing the save file due to a memory limit. But it's hard to fake that situation to test it.

A third possibility, which may be more likely, is simply other stuff messing with Flash as it's writing. Things like browsers, Cookie Cleaner, virus software, or even save managers could be interrupting a write process before it finishes. The trouble with that theory is that I'd have to randomly start installing all kinds of software to even try it, and I'm not anxious to start that combinatorial nightmare without a better clue to go on.

So for now, it seems, the save corruption mystery continues.

I'll likely resume mobile dev tomorrow, if I can. Tiago seems to have a solution working for Android, and is checking iOS to see if it needs a fix, too. Hopefully, we'll be ready soon. The patch is burning a hole in my pocket!


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False alarm on the saving corruption problem for mobile. I uninstalled the game prior to updating so that may be the reason why it cleared my progress. :P As long as there's cloud saving in the future, everything will be alright!

As for PC... well... some things are just nearly impossible to fix.

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Bad news on the cloud saves. It appears the Android library Haxe uses for Google Play services doesn't support cloud saves. So we may be stuck without it until it gets updated.

On the plus side, we're pretty sure the next patch will shield save files from being wiped during app updates on Android. So at least progress won't be lost in a patch.

iOS, as it turns out, might get cloud saves for free due to a different OS architecture. Basically, if we save the file in the right place (similar to what we're doing on Android), the OS might just decide to back it up as an automatic process.

We're hoping to verify both of these theories today with some testing.

Dan Fedor - Founder, Blue Bottle Games

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WOOOOOO THAT's GREAT NEWS!!! As long my save is protected, then the save problem is resolved.

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Hang in there on both counts. Neither is a walk in the park.