Patch "Mo' K-Leg, Mo' Problems" Update Is Live!

Hey Folks!

Ostranauts v0.6.9.0 is now available on Steam: the "Mo' K-Leg, Mo' Problems" Update, and it's another fairly big one.

It includes a new OKLG station, several new ships, more NPCs (including some flying ships), social system rebalance and UI improvements. Plus, police can board you now, so watch what you're doing :)

For best results, you are encouraged to start a new character.

Old saves might still work, but there's a decent chance they'll cause bugs. And will definitely miss new content.

It's a pretty significant patch, so I've broken down the change list into sections.

Crew and AI Changes

  • Added police shakedown conversation.
  • Added conversation options to ask NPCs that are close to player about their homeworlds and families.
  • Added more NPCs to OKLG.
  • Changed social combat UI to show stat bars instead of words for psychological status.
  • Changed inventory status UI to use new social status UI.
  • Changed social combat to reveal target's social stats only when they change.
  • Changed social moves to be more balanced, and cause fewer mood swings.
  • Changed each social move to have more concise status effects.
  • Changed OKLG bartender and fixer to stay put and act like their roles.
  • Changed dead NPCs to drop their items now
  • Added ability to order crew to follow you, or return to your ship
  • Improved ability to order non-crew off-ship (more reliable)
  • Added ability to daydream about ex-lover.
  • Changed intimacy status names to be clearer.
  • Changed captain to behave during untime the way player sets them to in roster, unlike NPCs which all take time off.
  • Fixed a bug that caused AIs to use uninstalled toilets, sometimes getting stuck in walls.
  • Fixed a bug that allowed unconscious and dead AIs to open and close doors.
  • Fixed a bug that sometimes allowed AIs to open airlocks without permission.
  • Fixed a bug that could cause AI to command player to follow them.
  • Added code to make the AI walk away from toilets when done using them.
  • Changed player to start well-fed.
  • Changed thirst to appear at 4 hours, with dehydration symptoms at 24 hours.
  • Fixed a bug that caused all NPCs on a station/ship to spawn in the same place, regardless of their spawn points.
  • Changed SeekAchievement move to be about remembering near-death instead of burpees, to look less weird in social context.
  • Fixed a bug that allowed player to order NPC of their own ship.
  • Fixed a bug that caused NPC to treat player's ship as their own.
  • Added code to make followers follow player when they use transit.

Ships and Spaceflight

  • Added NPC scavenger ships that fly around the boneyard.
  • Changed police ships so they can board you.
  • Added code to respawn new scav ships if too few left.
  • Scavenger and police ships can contain player friends and enemies.
  • Changed OKLG patrol to spawn 1 ship at a time instead of 2.
  • Added chance of music when police ships spawn.
  • Added code to reject docking permission if ship has no docking ports.
  • Added ability to toggle ship names, reg IDs, and none in nav station.
  • Fixed a bug that causes ship orientation to not face stations when undocking.
  • Fixed a null bug when ship docking with a nulled ship.
  • Fixed a bug that caused ships to flicker when docked.
  • Fixed a bug that caused ships to spawn inside planets.
  • Fixed a bug that caused ships to spawn with initial vectors through planets.
  • Changed collisions to be zero damage if with an AI ship while player docked.
  • Fixed a bug that caused player collisions with derelicts to get stuck together.
  • Changed ship names to favor procedural names more, and one-off names less.
  • Removed debug shift docking feature from docking UI.
  • Fixed a bug that caused stations to move when ships hit them.
  • Fixed a bug that caused ships to get stuck inside station after they collided with one.

New Stuff

  • Changed OKLG station to be bigger, more spread out, and have more people.
  • Added several new ship types.
  • Added new bug indicator at top left, and user can click it for details.
  • Changed conduits appearance and made them destructable.
  • Added black EVA suit and helmet to game.
  • Changed doors to close automatically when crew AI opens them without player intervention.
  • Changed doors to remain open if player manually opens door.
  • Changed doors to resume auto-closing if player manually closes door.
  • Added code to block placement of objects beyond ship docking airlocks.
  • Added a button to the quit menu that opens the folder for the PDF manuals.
  • Changed bar to be installable/uninstallable, and in smaller pieces.
  • Added tracking alarm when police are targeting and tracking player ship.
  • Added encounter for first visit to OKLG Mescaform.
  • Changed OKLG scrap kiosk to always sell at least one of each tool type.
  • Changed item values and some weights to better reflect their rarity and usefulness.
  • Changed fixer restocking and buy list to be more random.

General Changes

  • Added infinite storage space for OKLG fixer.
  • Fixed a bug that caused supply kiosk to buy all items at marked-up price if inside a crate.
  • Added code to tell player when interaction takes items from them, and what items were taken.
  • Added code to track which ships COs think they own.
  • Fixed a bug that prevented first derelict docking encounter to not fire.
  • Fixed a bug that caused footprints to remain for NPCs after they are removed from scene.
  • Fixed AI ship continues flying while player on it and no AI on nav.
  • Removed old low battery tutorial.
  • Fixed a bug that caused PDA install commands to only install things one click at a time.
  • Fixed bug that prevented installing a damaged nav station.
  • Fixed a bug that caused save file to have crew portrait if crew selected when saved.
  • Fixed a bug that caused audio to behave like there's no helmet when loading a save after exiting a game.
  • Fixed a bug that caused a null exception if nav station target was destroyed.
  • Removed log spam for angle out of range error.
  • Added code to center camera after being teleported to new ship.
  • Fixed quiet techno sound in chargen area.
  • Changed door and alarm audio to have smaller audio radii.
  • Fixed a bug that let user use shipe editor eyedropper in normal game.
  • Added code to make the UI close if AI interrupts player while using UI.
  • Fixed a bug that would crash game if loot tables didn't load due to missing ship origins list.
  • Changed game to load ships with error handling, to help modders.
  • Fixed a bug that caused ships' docking info to be lost if saved while not on-screen.
  • Changed debug fast travel button to ignore ships and stations with no available docking rings.
  • Fixed a bug that caused social combat UI to appear and disappear if NPC talked to player while player used another UI.
  • Changed interaction take items to drop any it cannot hold.
  • Added parameter to interactions to only trigger on targets onboard claimed ships.
  • Fixed a bug that caused tooltip to have unhandled null exception.
  • Fixed a bug that would attempt to stack null items when loading slotted items for a CO.
  • Fixed a bug that caused nested crew equipment to be lost if that crew was teleported to a template ship.
  • Fixed a bug in save games that caused save to fail if CO had an interaction with null target.

This one definitely put up a fight, and I wouldn't be surprised if we still have some kinks to iron out.

However, there should also hopefully be a lot of fun stuff in here for you to discover. New ships, new K-Leg station, some new items and old equipment with new behaviors. New item prices and rarities.

Plus, we have ships flying around now! There are scavengers picking over the boneyard, police can board you, and you may even encounter NPCs your character knows.

Crew and AI had a lot of work done, too. More orders you can give, more conversation options, a more intuitive social UI for seeing how you and your target feel. All social moves have been rebalanced to hopefully result in fewer death spirals of despair, plus each move should have clearer effects now.

Plus, doors! They auto-close now so you lose less precious air when passing through :)

And there's still a lot we'd like to add. Not only to the rest of the game, but to refine these new systems. I expect we'll do a few patches in the near future to tune and flesh-out this update, plus fix any issues we find. (Reminder: Best to start a new save/character!)

And as always, we love hearing what you think! Tell us how your run goes. What works for you? What is or isn't fun? What do you want to see next?

Thanks for reading, and fly safe!

Daniel Fedor
Founder, Blue Bottle Games, LLC

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