Party / Befriend mechanic please?

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Party / Befriend mechanic please?

Single greatest game I've ever played on mobile besides some older RPG's. Just wish you didn't have to do it alone. There should be a way to unthaw the other two people. Or befriend animals, or meet new people from other labs.

I'd second this. Would be nice to have a party of members. Maybe in Neo Scav 2... I know Space Protoype will have this.

Free Elusive Skill = Athletic x4 in ATN Enclave encounter

That one random encounter with the wild dog really is intriguing. But NEO is a lot like Game of Thrones where you try to be nice and just end up dying faster lol. But "taming" or whatever the wild dog by giving food or even a mechanical creature (like a DMC drone or mechanical tiger) would make this game 3x less lonely

Survivalists be LIT