Hey Folks! Still quite a bit of admin work today, though a few bits of coding done.

But maybe heard your cries for more interesting news, as they published their interview with yours truly! In it we go over plans for Ostranauts, changes from NEO Scavenger, my thoughts on open development, and other questions about the business.

You can read the full interview here, in both Spanish and English. Thanks,!

What little coding I did today was only partially productive. I started looking into the duplicate status effects I saw on crew, and the good news is that I figured out why! It looks like changing the thresholds by applying a modifier can result in situations where the old status effects don't get removed, but new ones are added.

The bad news is that I don't have a fix yet. My first inclination was to simply remove all status effects from the old threshold (i.e. set the stat counter to 0), then apply the threshold modifier (say, 50% normal thresholds), then re-apply the old stat counter in the new thresholds. Simple, right?

Wrong. Turns out that in many cases, removing the old status effects can have knock-on effects which cause thresholds to change, which requires stripping out the old status effects from that, which might cause more threshold effects to change get the idea. Infinite recursion. (Or, at least, big enough it might as well be infinite.)

There might be a way for me to freeze the status effects until I know exactly how much to add/remove across the board. My first attempt at this had some trouble, but it's worth pursuing.

In better news, I figured out another bug, and fixed it! The homeworld selection UI was ignoring some clicks, and it turned out to be some invisible new canvas elements blocking raycasts. I added code to the canvas manager to enable/disable raycast blocking and interaction on these canvas groups when they appear/disappear, and all is well again!

And that about wraps-up my week. Hope everyone has a good weekend, and see you Monday!