Pacific Airlines Space Service


Pacific Airlines Space Service (PASS) is an interplanetary shuttle service which operates in the Mars/Venus, Mars/Belt, and Luna/Mars transfers. It is the unofficial flag carrier of the Inner System, while its parent company Pacific Airlines is the flag carrier of the Old Philippines.

  • Service: Airline, interplanetary shuttle
  • Country of origin: Old Philippines
  • Key people: Althea Torres (CEO)
  • Parent company: Pacific Airlines
  • Ticker symbol: IPAC


PASS was established by Pacific Airlines in 2021 to operate the Yunti space elevator. In partnership with Renske Hotel International it opened the Hotel Mare Imbrium on the surface of Luna in 2025. When the colonisation rush led to a historic demand for affordable interplanetary travel, PASS was well placed to service the Inner System, and soon offered a package service which took clients from Earth’s major cities all the way to Mars’ surface.

The loss of Earth to Kessler Syndrome has upset PASS’s hold on the market. Without the steady business of the space elevator, the Earth-Luna-Mars corridor has effectively closed. PASS is in the midst of an aggressive pivot to Mars/Venus and Mars/Belt transfers, though it faces stiff competition from more established services in the region.


At the Xi Jinping Terminal at Mars, PASS maintain the largest advertising system in the known universe, an enormous screen called the Panascope. At five hundred metres tall by two kilometres wide, it is visible to the human eye from approaching vessels for several hours before the rest of the station, and as such is frequently used as a navigation marker. Besides broadcasting PASS advertising material, it is an advertising venue highly sought after by other corporations. Through rental revenue, the Panascope is expected to recoup its enormous construction costs early next century.


Begin brand new in the off world colonies... (on Earth, defunct)
Home is one ticket away... (off world, defunct)
From sea to sky, we fly