Overhauling the entire game.

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Overhauling the entire game.

Hi this is an idea that I'm planning to do myself when I get a grip on modding in the game. I really want to make almost an entirely new game with this mod. I really like the combat system but I feel like it sometimes lacks variety in combat and the way you can attack. Not only will I be overhauling the combat, but make it from a post apocalyptic game, to a fantasy game. Where you can literally be almost any race you want. Do you guys think that's a good idea? I really got hyped when I thought of doing this I just need to learn how to edit the game. Any help would be appreciated.

You know, that sounds very cool and i think it would be very fun to play. And, how do you want to change the combat ?

I am developing a tool that would help you if it was finished. Unfortunately, even as a crude game editor, it will take quite some time since I don't have much. My advice is for you to do not give up and do things by hand editing XML files in the meanwhile. Also, try the combat with all these
mods enabled since it already has some new combat options mostly added by Extended NeoScav, it might give you some ideas or at least a place to start.