Ostranauts Team Assemble!

Hey Folks! Hope everyone had a good weekend. Ours was a bit exhausting, as we acclimated to one parent not having a lot of mobility. We did get to see some friends, though, which is always nice!

Back at the office, I basically spent the day emailing developers and artists. Which was weird. I've never been in a position before where I had more than one or two contractors working at once. But today, I had messages waiting from no less than 5! And that doesn't include non-developers I had to follow-up with.

The bad news is that I didn't get anything done personally. The good news? A bunch of other people did!

First of all, Ashley's coming in hot with two new illustrations. One for Hangzhou, and one for Luna. And both are looking good. I will never tire of seeing new artwork for my games. And if I ever become rich enough, I'll just commission art, music, words, and games for my worlds endlessly.

And I probably haven't mentioned him yet, but Bjørn from Cujo Sound is officially helping with audio design! We chatted a whole bunch back in the NEO Scavenger days about sound and music in games, and he's agreed to help with setting up immersive audio for our little spaceship sim. Today's email was sorting out a rough plan for how we're going to modify sound effects based on environmental situations.

Also new to the team is an old buddy of mine from BioWare, Chris Blackbourn! Chris has a gamedev resume longer than my arm, including the aforementioned BioWare, Lionhead, Ubisoft, and his first published game, Skidmarks, when game systems still ran on 16-bits. He's helping with programming tasks of all kinds for the foreseeable future.

Michael is checking-in with his updates on social combat, plus a performance optimization he snuck in over the weekend.

Finally, I've started chatting with a contractor about possibly fixing the Android NEO Scavenger IAP bug, plus maybe seeing if he can take a crack at the desktop back-port of the mobile edition I tried to make last year. Not quite signed-on yet, but looking likely!

Anyway, what a day! I guess I feel less stressed about not doing work if work is still getting done. But it's still a bit stressful (not least because this means dollars are going away faster than usual). I think it's all for the greater good, though. That's what I'm telling myself, at least :)