Ostranauts Patch Is Live!

Hey Folks!

Ostranauts v0.8.0.13 is now available on Steam, and your clients should be updating shortly.

This patch fixes several bugs that have been reported recently, plus rebalances some things and makes a few economy changes. (And we're still working on a larger update in parallel for the next milestone.)

Saves from 0.8.0.X should work. If you were experiencing issues in the older save, this patch may fix some (especially timing-related issues), but others may persist depending on the cause.

General Changes

  • Changed fixer to be more profitable, and licensed kiosk to be less profitable.
  • Changed AI to prefer choosing new replies instead of repeating same one over and over.
  • Fixed a bug that caused derelict gas canisters to always be full.
  • Fixed a null bug that could cause PDA socials page to crash while filling in contacts.
  • Added code to show missing COs as deceased in PDA socials page.
  • Changed PDA socials page to list close contacts first and strangers last.
  • Fixed a bug that allowed patrol ships with dead pilots to dock with player.
  • Fixed a bug that sometimes caused game to be unplayable if user had a controller or joystick plugged in.
  • Fixed a bug that would leave stray stacks of items in space sometimes.

One of the bigger changes here is an inversion of the fixer-licensed kiosk economy balance. Previously, the fixer was less profitable than the licensed kiosk, which runs contrary to the game's promise of "honest work is a slow death."

Now, the fixer will pay better for most items they buy, and the licensed kiosk is merely better than the regular kiosk.

We also found a bug that was preventing gas canisters on derelicts from being partially drained, so beware some salvaged cans may have less in them now!

The PDA's "Socials" UI received some love, making it more resilient to deceased contacts. And also sorting contacts in a more useful way.

Dead(!) police crew can no longer prevent you from undocking now. And anyone having camera/movement issues may find some relief, as well. There was a joystick input bug that commandeered the game on some people's machines.

As always, there's plenty more for us to fix, change, and add! And we'll be continuing in roughly that order. In the meantime, let us know if this patch helps you out, as well as if it reveals new problems!

Daniel Fedor
Founder, Blue Bottle Games, LLC

Tags: Ostranauts