Ostranauts Patch Is Live!

Hey Folks!

Ostranauts v0.7.0.10 is now available on Steam, and your clients should be updating shortly.

This patch adds a long-awaited mute toggle to the proximity alarm, and remembers your nav station's labels knob setting between sittings. Plus sink graffiti, a battery fix, and better licensed kiosk messing.

Saves from 0.7.0.X should work, though if you were experiencing issues in the older save, they may persist if you continue them.

General Changes

  • Added mute toggle to proximity alarm.
  • Fixed a bug that caused nav station labels knob to reset between each use.
  • Fixed a bug that prevented uninstalling battery if power input side was inaccessible.
  • Added graffiti to sink UI.
  • Added separate messages to licensed salvage kiosk for missing vs. expired licenses.

Probably the most exciting thing here is the new mute toggle on the nav station's prox alarm! After watching SplatterCat curse out the prox alarm for several hours, we finally added a way you can silence that annoying alarm and be crashed-into peacefully :)

Ditto for making the nav station's ship label knob remember settings between uses, and fixing battery access when oriented in some directions.

We also improved the way the licensed kiosk rejects you for having an expired vs. missing salvage license, so you know which is the case. And finally, the chargen sink now has graffiti!

As always, there's plenty more for us to fix, change, and add! And we'll be continuing in roughly that order. In the meantime, let us know if this patch helps you out, as well as if it reveals new problems!

Daniel Fedor
Founder, Blue Bottle Games, LLC

Tags: Ostranauts