Ostranauts Patch Is Live!

Hey Folks!

Ostranauts v0.6.9.6 is now available on Steam, and your clients should be updating shortly.

This patch fixes a pretty serious bug that affected players loading the game a second time (or more) from the main menu, as well as adds a button to the nav station to silence the tracking alarm.

Saves from and earlier should be compatible, but if you were seeing bugs or other issues in the old save, they may continue and it may be necessary to start a new game.

General Changes

  • Fixed a bug that caused strange behavior when loading a save game for the second and subsequent times in the same game session.
  • Added button to cancel tracking alarm on nav station.

Small update today, but it was a pretty serious issue worth patching asap.

Some players have noticed strange behavior in the game, like not being able to click things or control their character unless the game is paused. And this appears to be a bug that can happen when loading a game from the main menu more than once in a session, if that save file had police vessels approaching.

A milder symptom of this same bug is that police AI are not flying anymore in a loaded save game.

Patch addresses these issues.

It also adds the ability to manually clear the tracking alarm you hear when a vessel is targeting you. You can find this button near the proximity alarm.

As always, there's plenty more for us to fix, change, and add! And we'll be continuing in roughly that order. In the meantime, let us know if this patch helps you out, as well as if it reveals new problems!

Daniel Fedor
Founder, Blue Bottle Games, LLC

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